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xcaret arte

Playa del carmen, Mx

Located in Mexico, Ruben Carrasco created four murals dedicated to the four elements of nature: water, earth, air, and fire, at the Hotel Xcaret Arte, the most exclusive and largest resort in Mexico. These murals feature four deities accompanied by a totem animal: a jaguar for earth, a macaw for air, a turtle for water, and a winged deer or temazate, native to the Quintana Roo region, for fire. The murals were unveiled during the spring equinox of 2023, when the sun illuminated the highest points of the murals.

vive latino

CdMx, mx

Ruben Carrasco gave an image to the largest music event in Mexico, the Vive Latino festival, by creating a mural over 8 meters high and 10 meters wide. The iconography of the mural focuses on the white-tailed deer, sacred to some cultures, which is accompanied by different species of animals from various parts of the world. In addition, there are male and female figures carved in wood that represent humanity.’¿

La Restauration
de la Nature

Paris 12, FR

The Neo-Shaman and The Restoration of Nature are two murals created on the facade of the Saint-Éloi library, as part of the Participative Budget project by Paris Habitat in the 12th district of Paris, a production by Hypermur. On a side wall, we can observe The Neo-Shaman, a futuristic human being who interacts with a luminous birch log surrounded by yellow flowers. The scene evokes a sense of connection and fusion between the spiritual and physical worlds, inviting us to rethink the relationship between humans and nature.


Continuing the nature theme with yellow tones, the second mural features a Corsican nuthatch bird that appears to be wearing a crown of books. The scene and the elements present give us the impression of being in a natural and vibrant landscape where knowledge and wisdom coexist.

Les murmurs
du Renard

Paris 12, Fr

“Les murmurs du Renard” is the third mural created for the Participative Budget, Paris Habitat, of the 12th district of Paris, produced by Hypermur. In this mural, we can observe the captivating interaction between a fox and the NeoShaman, facing each other and communicating with just their gaze. The selection of blue and green colors, along with the natural surroundings of the location, creates a serene atmosphere full of meaning for the viewer, while also inviting reflection on our connection with nature in an urban environment that seems increasingly disconnected from these values.



On the occasion of the Night of the Museums, the artist Ruben Carrasco will create a wall near the museum, at the corner of the rue des Quatre-Fils and the rue Vieille du Temple, depicting an animal whose surprise. A wild and ephemeral foray by an urban artist into the city with regard to that of animals.




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